Practical tuition

We only work with small Groups between 3 and 5 Schoolers.

This is very efficient because the flight- instructor can spend very much time to explain the Progress of each schooler.

After finishing 20 sucessful flights most of the schoolers can start with high- altitude flghts with 300meters difference in altitude.

The course ends with 5 high- altitude flights and a theoretical and practical examination.

The first steps:

We teach Paragliding on a gentle slope. The scoolers are able to fly up to 40 meters far in a height between 1 – 3 meters on a flat slope.

After that they will feel their first success fortunately in the first day.

Step by step they will go higher on the slope and lern flying courves.

A five-point check is carried out before each flight:

1. Are harness and carabiners securely closed? Helmet on?
2. Is the glider properly laid out?
3. Are all lines free? (ready to take immediate advantage of wind currents)
4. Assess wind conditions – only launch with sufficient wind
5. Is airspace clear?

Taster flights

Those who just want to find out if they have a talent for flying can take a one-day taster course in which they will learn how to handle a paraglider on a gentle slope. The aim of the course: to effect a successful take-off and undertake a short flight at a height of a few metres.

Altitude flights

Radio-guided flying practice at altitudes of 300 -1,200 m. Choice of different launch points depending on the pilot’s ability.